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Meet Mama K

     Patti Kenney is a native of Torrington, CT; she is the proud mother of four children, devoted wife, passionate caretaker, and avid baker.  She was lovingly deemed "Mama K" by her children's friends early in their childhood.  

     Mama K has always loved baking for her family and caring for others.  When she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she realized what a lack of desserts there were for people that were actually enjoyable.  Having a sweet tooth herself, she always found herself disappointed with what stores and recipes found online had to offer.  That's when she decided to reinvent the way she baked to make things gluten free and delicious.

     Mama K's Cookie Jar's Signature Italian Cookies were then created based off a family recipe from her husband's family.  When she started to share them with friends and family, she was met with astonished reviews that they not only loved the cookies, but they couldn't even tell they were gluten-free!  

     Mama K's Cookie Jar was established just a couple years later, fulfilling one of Mama K's dreams to be a baker, as well as spreading a little happiness to those both with and without gluten allergies.